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64″(163cm) tall – and with a base that is 9″(23cm) square – for sale in Ireland –

This piece is not for overseas sale – and would be installed and placed by the artist himself. This is best sold via email conversation with us here on

‘She is the Sea’ – by Shane Gilmore

The combination of natural beauty, wildness, power and strength, are attributes shared by both the ocean and female of the species. A stunningly beautiful, rather fine featured face, carved into this impressive piece of Elm, forms part of what the artist has depicted as an ocean wave – and all standing atop a plinth of polished limestone. Whether it is the tumultuous nature and drama of a crashing, stormy sea, or the delicious calm of summer tide, the natural rise and fall of both the ocean, and the female, is complimented by a strength that no other could fathom.

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