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46″(116cm) x 34″(86cm) – measurements include the frame – landscape orientation

‘Seas of Change is one of three main, stand-out pieces, from the newest, superb collection of striking, moonlit seascapes by artist Fiona Ní Chuinn.

And once again, Fiona’s powerful pieces have stopped us in our tracks.

Fiona pours her soul into each and every piece and believes that they each resonate rather personally with the viewers – representing a place or a moment in time that is different and personal to everyone, for their own reasons.

Her work is captivating and the calm each piece brings is quite special. It is extraordinary how a painting so powerful, with so much movement and depth and large crashing waves, can somehow bring calm and serenity to a space.

Although, the sea itself tends to do that. Standing, wrapped up warm, watching the waves as they crash powerfully into the rocks can often be quite mesmerising, bringing with it, its own form of calm.

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