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65cm x 65cm squared

As it stands, we have all used the term ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ to death in recent times, but one cannot deny the simplistic genius of it. Wherever you saw the WAW sign, it meant that you were close enough to hear the sea, smell the sea, or see the sea. Gillian Murphy’s latest Cold Wax and Oil painting is also a work of simplistic genius. Simplistic perhaps in form, but genius in its production and deliverance and in a moment of mind trickery, you can almost and taste the sea also from this piece of art.  Entitled ‘Sea Salt’, you can find yourself lost in the spray and the foam and the splashes.  Gillian explains that her work with oil and cold wax is almost more about what you take off the canvas that what you leave on; a tricky modus operandi indeed. But Gillian’s eye just doesn’t seem to let her down.

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