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10″(26cm) at the tallest  x 5.5″(14cm) width x 9″(23cm) from the side profile – measurements include the base –
Marked number 5 of an edition on 9 pieces.

Siobhan is the artist responsible for some of the most beautiful and probably the most notably important life-size and larger than life-size horse sculptures in Ireland and abroad, over the years – as well as many of the winners prizes in national and international derby’s and races. With a penchant for animals, Siobhan has also created this beautiful sculpture of a British Saddleback Pig. With his adorable snout, his sweet white band, and his beautiful seated stance, this fella would look amazing as part of any art collection and indeed Siobhan is a supremely collectable artist to own.

Like all Siobhán’s pieces,  it is beautifully proportioned and rather captivating. At it’s tallest it is 10″ including the base, and approximately 9″ on a side profile. It is very accessible in size and this piece would be a stand out in any art collection – domestic, commercial or corporate.

Stand out artist – bronze sculpture – sculpted and cast by Siobhan Bulfin – gorgeous piece – pig – saddleback pig –

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