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Including Frame – 34cm (13.5″) x 29cm (11.5″)

Wonderfully proficient in still life paintings, this is another gorgeous study by acclaimed artist Diana Marshall. ‘Rosy Glow’, like many still life subjects, is exploring the effects of light on various objects, and how it can be altered by such living things like flowers. This Rose, from the artists own garden, has a beautifully pink hue and combined with the incoming sunlight gives a very pretty ‘Rosy Glow’ to the egg in this picture. Marshall does a wonderful job in depicting their placement on the flat surface. Although being sold separately, this painting is part of a pair. The sister painting to this, is called simply ‘Rose Reflection’ and can be seen by clicking HERE.

An excellent price point for adding an original fine art painting to your collection – at €200 each.

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