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56.5″(144cm) x 37.5″(96cm) – Measurements include the frame – landscape orientation

Artist, educator, author and marine biologist, Carmel T Madigan, grew up near the Bridges of Ross here on the Loop Head Peninsula. Having one of the worlds geological phenomena as her very own childhood playground, certainly played a very important role in Carmel’s life.  Carmel has carried a fascination with marine life, through to her artwork and this piece is a real ode to her love for the many extraordinary rock pools of Ross.

A very large piece at a metre and a half in width – one of her largest in fact – this utterly striking mixed media piece of art has so many surprises the closer you look; from the hidden surprises of the cracks and crevices and the inclusion of texture and such a specific colour palette, that brings that real sense of depth and of wonder. Carmel manages to bring in everything from the slippery surface, to the anemones, the algae, pebbles, sand and sea stones, and the yellow lichen. This amazing work would look incredible in a large contemporary home or public space. Superb.

Irish Contemporary artist – internationally renowned artist – Carmel T Madigan – collectable artwork – mixed media –

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