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20″ (51cm) x 27″ (68cm) – including frame.

A glorious sunset will always stop you in your tracks; but this one, will take your breath away. With all the splendid drama of a golden sky, reflected on the still, evening waters below, this painting in oils depicts that magical hour of the sun peacefully setting in Cappa, in West Clare, with Hog island silhouetted in the middle distance. The artist, who remains known only as ‘D’, expertly captures the stillness, calm and the wonder of that special moment in time. You feel transported there; sitting quietly on the shore, listening to the gentle lapping of the evening tide as it rolls over the stones, watching all the extraordinary colours of the sky, bounce off the water in front of you.
An incredibly striking piece of original art.

Irish Contemporary Art – Artist known as ‘D’ – golden hour sunset – professionally framed – window to your soul – reflections – oil painting – original Irish art – collectable artist

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