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45.5″ (116cm) x 35.5″ (91cm) – Including frame

This artist (signing their work only as ‘D’) truly understands nature and mindfulness like no other. This painting, the reflections of a setting sun across the seashore (in West Clare) oozes an ethereal calm.
Perhaps the most peaceful time to stand on the edge of the seashore, is in the late evening; when all surrounding sounds of a busy world are quietened; birds have settled into their various nests and hidey holes, busy farm machinery have retreated to their sheds and somehow the disappearing light forces you to filter out all other distractions and focus only on the gentle lapping of the tide over the stones. The last of the sunlight reflecting on the water like gold – a beautiful almost heavenly moment depicted here in oils.

Irish Contemporary Artist – D – The artist known as D – Oil on Canvas Framed – Reflections II – Evening Sunset – mindfulness – professionally framed – original Irish art – collectable artwork – West Clare Artist

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