Eirú – ‘Fire Dancer’ Red Kite Hawk

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Eirú – ‘Fire Dancer’ Red Kite Hawk



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In the strong and confident brush strokes of this fine art oil painting, lies the unmistakable talent of award winning, contemporary artist, Kaye Maahs. Living and working in the Burren, North Clare, Maahs is lucky enough to be surrounded and within easy access to, some of the world’s most incredible flora, fauna and geology; including extraordinary birds of prey like this one. The depiction of this Red Kite Hawk is truly exquisite. Its form, its movement and its depth of colour is on point, without the need for hyper realism; indeed what sums up the artistic beauty of Kaye’s work.

Irish contemporary Artist – award winning – Kaye Maahs – fine art oil painting – extraordinary talent – one to watch – collectable

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