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Raven – Small Bronze (Head Bowed)



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4.5″ (11cm) Width x 6″ (15cm) Depth x 4″ (10cm) Height

This is a truly gorgeous miniature bronze raven sculpted by sought after artist Adam Pomeroy. This is part of a second edition of small ravens by the sculptor – with each bird being unique and in a different position.
Wings tucked in and head bowed, this sculpture owns this familiar and powerful stance. A superb piece.

The raven, although in the same family as the crow, is slightly bigger in size. Like the crow, they are very intelligent and wonderfully fearless.  There is a sense of power about them that is quite intoxicating. These small miniature bronzes seem to wield the same intoxicating charm. Being bronze, they are wonderfully tactile and look incredible – so striking.

Adam is an extraordinarily collectable artist – whose client base is widespread and international. With original paintings hanging in Cathedrals around Ireland and a collector base that spans both domestic and international buyers, Adam’s work is highly sought after. He sculpted and cast, metal finished and patinated these pieces over a period of time, here in the foundry in Kilbaha, West Clare, while also personally completing all the metal finishing and patination. 

Superb original art – bronze – miniature bronze – stone base – head bowed – bronze casting – kilbaha gallery – collectable artwork – interior inspiration –


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