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43cm (17.5″) x 44cm (18″) Framed

Drawn in charcoal and painted out with both pastel and acrylic, Heidi Wickham’s subject choice, composition on the canvas and choice of colour palette are all superbly in sync. Her artistic prowess is rather overwhelming and those who have already begun, or are just starting to build a collection of her pieces are going to be very happy to watch her meteoric rise. Another beautiful original painting, this pug is just magnificent. His sweet little face, his adorable folds of skin, his expression and oh those eyes; pug lovers will simply adore the thoughts of owning an original pug painting. Art lovers will simply adore owning a ‘Heidi Wickham’.


Irish Art – Irish Contemporary Art – Beautifully depicted – Heidi Wickham Animals – Pug Love – Dog Lovers – Corporate or Domestic Buyers.

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