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Discerning art buyers of Kilbaha Gallery will be glad to hear that one of our absolutely favourite artists recently delivered some gorgeous new works. Famous for her rather incredible, still life paintings, Diana Marshall has blown us away with this latest collection. As always, her expert handling of light and shade, her beautiful choice of colours and her talent for breathing life into the most inanimate of objects through her careful and detailed depiction of them, is exemplary.

‘Peugeot Red’ is a superb painting in oils of a vintage coffee grinder. Marshall’s attention to detail and use of colour makes this piece of art truly pop! This would look incredible in a contemporary kitchen space or indeed on the walls of a beautiful restaurant or similar space. Although sold individually, this is actually part of a pair – ‘Peugeot Blue’ would make a very handsome mate for this piece of art. See it HERE

Diana Marshall has a gorgeous back catalogue of work, has exhibited the length and breadth of Ireland over the years and boasts a loyal fanbase of collectors who admire the fine art detailing that goes into creating something as special and expertly painted as a fine art still life. Such a wonderfully collectable artist.

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