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33″(84cm) x 25″(64cm) – measurements include the frame.

Oh this painting feels instantly refreshing and bright and good enough to eat.

Diana Marshall’s oil paintings are so beautifully true to life. Intricate detailing, exquisite colours and superb handling of light and shade, make her pieces truly stand out.

Diana’s pieces are striking, additions to contemporary kitchen spaces, arty dining rooms or public and commercial spaces such as high end restaurants, hotel foyers etc.

In ‘Packed Full’, Marshall’s depiction of the glass Kilner jar is nothing short of exquisite, with the light shining through it, is so beautifully and delicately handled. The lemons and limes are so true to life, you do feel as though you could reach in and pick one out.

Diana Marshall has a large following for her still life paintings – and her work is exhibited across Ireland and the UK – a very collectable artist indeed. Her competency in fine detailing jumps out at you from every aspect of the canvas.

She is a stunningly collectable artist whose work will quite certainly appreciate in value over time.

Irish Contemporary Art – Beautiful original oil painting – Still Life –  Celebrated Artist – Exhibits nationally and internationally – collectors from all over the world – impressive back catalogue – AMAZING PIECE OF ART

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