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Behind Glass
Dimensions: 80cm Height x 60cm Width  ( approx. 31.5″ x 23.5″ )

When storm Ophelia made her way across Ireland in October of 2017, she left her mark; somewhat indelibly, unfortunately, on the homes and lives of many.  Her presence was felt all over. For the artist Carmel Madigan, Ophelia’s presence was very much felt in her garden – with the swirling and whirling of all her trees and plants as they were pulled and dragged by this Eastern Atlantic Hurricane. Uprooted and spinning around and around together, there was actually a beauty to be found in this myriad of colours and roots and leaves and stems.
Thus was born this free-styled piece of art.
Impressive in size and magnificent in colour palette this is going to make some space look fantastically modern and fun.

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