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On the Edge of Darkness



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12″(30cm) x 15.5″(40cm) – unframed canvas

As Winter draws in, so do the darker night skies, with varying degrees of icy pink, generally signalling the cold and crisp weather that is to follow. The warm glow of city lights in the distance, beyond the trees and landscape; the many twinkling lights that pierce the darkness of those crisp, December evenings.

As we all metaphorically sit on the ‘Edge of Darkness’ we must embrace it and remember the light that lies beyond.

This is a gorgeous fine art oil painting by the highly collectable Kaye Maahs whose has widely exhibited internationally and has work hanging in private and public collections.

Highly Collectable – Investable Art – Corporate Collection Ready – Professionally Framed – Stunning artwork – Kilbaha Gallery – Kaye Maahs


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