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23.5″ (60cm) x 31.5″ (80cm) – including the frame

Walking and cycling around the coastal landscape of the loop head peninsula is one of renowned artist, Ruth Wood’s, real pleasures and one of the big advantages to living and working in such a beautiful area. The striking views there are in part due to the low horizon, the light and of course, the small farm husbandry practices. Ruth created her most recent edition of paintings to capture the pastural beauty of her surroundings

These old haybarns are few and far between now but were everywhere as we grew up here in rural Ireland. Those that remain have a real unconventional appeal; apart from their nostalgic value, their structural form is really quite interesting and in each case, totally unique. The rusty tin has developed its own incredible range of colours and the shapes are changing as the barn decays. Ruth has really captured the beauty in this old agricultural unit and the warmth of the meadow running up to it. Great striking colour palette as always – this is a superb Ruth Wood original acrylic.

Irish Contemporary Art – Haybarn – Farm Life – Original Art – Rural paintings – Ruth Wood – Irish Professional Artist

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