Mossy Boulders In The Wild Garlic Woods

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Mossy Boulders In The Wild Garlic Woods



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47.5cm Width x 58cm Height / 18.8″ Width x 22.8″ Height
Framed – Oils

Considering natural forest scenes are something that Eldred does incredibly well, this close-up painting, of an old beech tree, sitting amongst a bed of wild garlic and boulders, is quite the perfect picture. Bringing you in even closer than before, you can see the moss on the stones, the weathered bark on the tree, the shafts of light breaking through the leaves and landing in patches across the wild garlic. It really is a sight to behold.  A beautiful piece for a living or study area or to break up the monotony of office space.

Mark Eldred – collectable work – superb little original – corporate collections or individual art buyer –

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