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17″(43cm) x 17″(43cm) – Measurements include the frame – Square

Fine art painter, Adam Pomeroy, has produced a series of striking moonscape paintings and they are, of course, truly beautiful. Adam will often choose a subject to create a series of studies on. He places his energy and focus into studying everything around it, such as, in this instance, the gently varying degrees of colour of the night sky as time passes, and the effect this has on the landscape below. This series is peacefully beautiful.  As the evening light gradually fades and the moon rises, it creates, particularly on a clear night, a series of extraordinary moments; from the reflections on the water, to the glow that emanates and broadens as the moon gets higher in the sky. Powerful pieces by a very collectable contemporary artist.

Adam Pomeroy is one of Ireland’s most exciting contemporary artists. His work hangs in Cathedrals around Ireland, as well as in both public and private art collections. Supremely collectable artist.

Irish Contemporary art – original work – oil on canvas – framed pieces – collectable work – Adam Pomeroy – Moonscapes – fine art


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