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14″ (36cm) x 10″ (25cm) unframed canvas

‘Mary’s Tree, obviously a view very familiar to Kaye herself, is wonderfully portrayed here against this evening sky, complete with gentle pink hues of a sunset that is slowly departing, Simply, magnificent.

Another fine oil painting by the ever competent, keen-eyed, Kaye Maahs. To have the kind of understanding of oils that Maahs possesses is something of a coveted ‘flair of genius’ amongst those in the art world. To turn those seemingly random strokes, into a masterpiece when you stand back and view it in its entirety, is a trick, that, those of us who work in art circles are still wowed by on a daily basis”  – Kilbaha Gallery

– original work –  part of an edition, of five, unique, night-time inspired Maahs paintings currently displayed in the gallery.

Kaye Maahs – Contemporary Irish Artist – RHA – Hugely Colleactable – Corporate Collections –

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