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10″(25.5cm) x 10″(25.5cm) – measurements include the frame – alcohol ink on ceramic tile

That famous view looking back from Loop Head, painted with alcohol ink onto a ceramic tile.
Extraordinary piece of art that would make an amazing gift.

We are head over heels in love with this latest series of gorgeous ‘alcohol ink on ceramic tile’ original paintings, that we have from artist Mary Roberts. As well as being unbelievably cute, they are a superb way to get your hands on a Mary Roberts original, which is exciting! These sweet little paintings are full of gorgeousness, colour and intrigue. And each tile is carefully signed on the side by the artist.

Alcohol ink is notoriously unpredictable to work with, and knowing how hard they can be to produce, just makes these perfect little original art works all the more extraordinary.

Irish Artist – Mary Roberts – Alcohol Ink on Ceramic Tile – Framed works – original pieces – beautiful depictions – delicate handling –

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