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Another simply magnificent piece of work by the internationally renowned Mark Eldred, who always manages to transport you from wherever you are in the world at that moment, to suddenly hearing the sounds of nature, feeling the crunchy woodland path beneath your feet and smelling natures wonderous scents all around you.  True escapism through art. The range of hues in this particular painting is so evocative and lends itself to a very magical and almost mystical sensation. The light from above is peaking through the tree tops, reflecting gently on the watery path below, while the semi-darkness of the woodland undergrowth, awaits ahead of you.
One is excited and almost slightly nervous to walk this particular, late Autumn, woodland path.

Mark Eldred paints in a way that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up – the depth, the beauty, the perspective, the realism all make Marks work wonderfully evocative and very powerful.

Majestically Framed and rather large at 33.5″ wide and 25.5cm high – this piece will fast become the most talked about in your collection.

Irish Art – Original Irish Art – Oil on Canvas – Highly Collectable -Mark Eldred – Master at his work – Framed – Autumn Woodland Scene


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