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16.5″(42cm) x 11.75″(30cm) – measurements include the mount – (unframed)

Highly Collectable: This is an exclusive collection of paintings (pen, ink and watercolours) that Ruth Wood has created especially for the discerning art buyers and collectors of Kilbaha Gallery. These beautiful drawings, created first in pen and ink, and painted delicately with watercolours, are original works (no prints of the same) and thus are highly collectable. Ruth is one Ireland’s most talented and recognisable contemporary Pen & Ink artists. Her work is highly sought after.

In the artist’s own words: “The Kerry Mountains, the historical Reading Room and the ruins of the infamous Marcus Keane residence, are the three images that sit in the middle ground of this painting. The weight of history sits lightly on the picturesque Kilbaha Village” – Ruth Wood

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