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60cm x 60cm (not framed)

We were so pleased this week, when, artist Eadaoin Harding Kemp, was finally in a position to make the journey up from Cork to drop off some new artwork. Covid may have kept her within the confines of her beautiful home, but she wasn’t short of inspiration and has produced some truly striking pieces as a result.
In this particular instance, Cork wasn’t the immediate inspiration, but in fact, her home in West Clare was – and how her time during Covid had made her long for the flat and clear coastal landscape of her Clare hideaway. There is something about the wildness and the freedom that comes with the Coast that was filling her head. This gorgeous oil painting really reflects that, with the vivid colours, white horses dancing on the waves and a beautiful blue sky. This painting is amazing on the wall – we couldn’t take our eyes off how striking it looks against any background – and in fact, acts almost as a window view.
PS if you look really closely, you will see tiny cottages on the shoreline. I LOVE when a painting does that – so very special indeed.

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