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oil on canvas
approx 66cm Width x 66cm Height / 26″ Width x26″ Height

A familiar sight across the Irish rural landscape, the hardy, windblown, Hawthorn tree; standing alone, shaped by the weather patterns and yet managing to survive amidst the rocks and rough heathers. This hardiness often lent it to being called ‘The Fairy Tree’.  McCaul has captured so perfectly this harsh landscape, the solitary nature and indeed the windswept branches of the Hawthorn tree. Bringing a lighter palette right down to a much richer and finally much darker one and using also his signature dashes of reds and burnt umbers for contrast, this painting is really quite haunting and jumps off the wall in terms of depth of colour.

Irish contemporary art – beautiful oils – oil on canvas – great colour palette – hawthorn tree – striking colour mix – rich colour palette

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