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Large Piece – 96.5cm (38″) tall x 96.5cm (38″) wide – Framed

A beautifully captured moment in the life of hares; indeed what we like to imagine as one hare being the protector of the other, keeping a watchful eye for any danger. Heidi’s unique ability to capture all of those personality nuances in each of her paintings is what makes her work so wonderfully collectable. This original piece has a deep and dark green background and the hares, although treated in a very gentle way, are very much in the foreground. As this is a large piece, it means the impact of this painting means it becomes very much the heart of your room.

Depicted in her signature style, Wickham draws her pieces, rather uniquely, with charcoal, which makes for the most beautiful, atmospheric and smokey outlines – while then painting them with acrylics and pastels. Gorgeous palettes and wonderfully quirky compositions make for pieces that quite literally, stop you in your tracks. A highly collectable artist, Heidi Wickham is selling internationally and has amassed a large fanbase.

Original Art – Highly Collectable – Animal Painting – Dog Painting – Heidi Wickham


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