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21″(53cm) x 21″(53cm) – measurements included the frame

‘Hare on White’ is another example of Heidi’s uncanny ability to capture the essence of an animal. Sitting with that slight degree of apprehension that wild animals seem to master, Heidi has painted this truly beautiful dark Hare in stark contrast, against a white background.

Stunning work.

Heidi Wickham is such an exciting artist on the contemporary art landscape. With a huge following for her original work, an international and national buyer base, both corporate and domestic buyers and many successful exhibitions and solo shows, Wickham is really very collectable. Her love of animals and her ability to perfectly capture their funny little personality quirks and poses in the most realistic and yet superbly artistic manner, is what has catapulted her to the status she now enjoys.

Irish contemporary art – Hare on White – animal paintings – collectable artwork – contemporary interiors

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