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Framed Behind Glass
55.5cm Height x 70cm Width / 21.9″ Height x 27.6″ Width

This original oil painting by David Coyne has caused a ripple of excitement in the Gallery.
In the coastal town of Kilkee the famous horseshoe bay is frequented by thousands of holiday makers every year. On either side of the bay you have points, known locally, as the East End and the West End. Both are popular for walks due to their Atlantic sea views and their incredible geology.
On the East End of Kilkee, the prominent Headland is known as ‘George’s Head’. Although the bay is actually protected from the raging Atlantic Seas by a number of reefs at it’s entrance, such as the Diamond Rock and the Duggerna Reef, these aren’t exactly visible in the same way as the proud and strong George’s Head, which makes such a striking impact visually, holds a certain stance in the town and stands tall against the waves like the towns own, unyielding body guard.

With all of this in mind, you can see why this painting from David Coyne has caused a stir here. Painted on board with oils using palette application, Coyne’s work is truly fabulous. The view is one of approaching the town rather than the usual vantage point and it allows for a unique and superb depiction of the fabulous Georges Head.

Irish contemporary art – David Coyne – Framed Behind Glass – Oil on Board – Palette Knife Application –

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