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A3 size – unframed poster – portrait orientation

Part of our new range of Gallery Posters, that specifically pays homage to the heritage of Kilbaha, this is a striking image, of shafts of sunlight, beaming across the pulpit of the Little Ark.

This image is particularly poignant, as the Little Ark itself, was seen as bringing light to the people of Kilbaha and its environs, in the 1850’s, when the fear of eviction filled their hearts. Not having a church of their own in which to practice their faith, the Parish Priest of the time, Fr Meehan, commissioned the building of a wooden alter on wheels, from which he would say Mass, on the beach in Kilbaha. Every day for five years, in all weathers, the people of the townland would gather to pray, on the no-mans-land stretch of sand, in Kilbaha Bay, until finally, they were bestowed with the land to build a church of their own. The Church they built, officially called the Star of the Sea, is fondly referred to as the Church of the Little Ark, as it houses the original wooden alter that the good people of the West used all those years ago.
Today people travel far and wide to visit the Church of the Little Ark, to light a candle, say a prayer, and truly sense the resilience of the people.
A visitor centre next door to the Church also gives a wonderful overview of that whole period in history.

“and for those who may be suffering, or whose world is unfairly dark, there is nothing quite as powerful as lighting a candle in the Little Ark”

A3 size – satin finish – high quality backboard – unframed

Gallery Posters are a wonderful way to ad fun, culture and intrigue to specific corners or spaces in your home such as home offices, landings, corridors or forming part of your gallery wall displays!

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