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41.5″(105cm) x 41.5″(105cm) – measurements include the frame
Galileo and Callisto can be sold individually or as a pair.
Large, framed, oil and cold wax on canvas – both work very well together.

Strikingly beautiful, these incredible works of art by Gillian Murphy will blow you away. Using oil and cold wax, a method whereby the artist is able to create, strip back and almost gently carve into the paint, this celestial pair have stunning, almost translucent qualities in places, with a seductive, softly tactile surface and the evocative of the most ethereal of atmospheres. These paintings are large works at a ‘metre x metre’ – extraordinary work.

Would look incredible in a large contemporary living space, a public space – or even a bedroom for that gentle, ethereal, atmospheric feel.

See the pair together in the image gallery.

AND Galileo’s sister painting ‘Callisto’ can be viewed HERE

Galilean Moons. In January 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei discovered four of Jupiter’s Moons – now called Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Galileo’s discovery was pivotal point in the history of astromony as his observation revealed that not all celestial bodies revolved around the Earth. Until that time, Eart was thought to be the centre of the Universe.

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