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61″(155cm) x 41″(105cm) – including the Frame – landscape orientation – large piece

WOW! This piece may just be the biggest piece that we have had in the gallery – and what an impact it makes!

Such a delicate and utterly gorgeous colour palette, with layers and depths of colour that are extraordinary. This is piece of artistic talent, using oil and cold wax, in itself a tricky process that becomes more about what you take away, than what you put on, artist Gillian Murphy has created a truly mesmerising piece of art with an intricate interlocking of geometric shapes and gorgeous pastel colours. Inspired by the both the colourful Japanese Koi fish, you will find varying silvers, greys, rustic browns and oranges, dusky pinks and whites – all brought together in the most adept way.

Like all Gillian’s work, although delicate, beautiful and almost ethereal – her work packs such a visual punch in any space – particularly at a metre and a half wide!

This would look incredible in a large contemporary space!


Oil and Cold Wax – Irish Art – Framed – Large Piece – Irish Contemporary Art – Contemporary Homes – Beautiful Spaces – Irish Interiors –

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