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11.5″(29cm) x 7.25″(18.5cm) – measurements include the frame – landscape orientation

This is exciting. The incredible artist Gillian Murphy has created a small series of originals that each depict an ethereal moment of the most captivating kind.

Beautifully atmospheric, each of these miniatures bring you silently and yet immediately into the moment; placing you directly in that still, quiet, evening time, landscape; breathing deeply the fresh air and sensing the peace and tranquility that surrounds you.

This piece – and all of Gillian’s works – are quietly beautiful and yet make such a powerful visual impact in any space. These originals are perfectly sized for a luxurious gift to someone special, to place on a bookshelf or sideboard where you can see them – every day!

The use of Oil and Cold Wax makes for a beautifully textured feel to the piece and allows Gillian to strip away and also even slightly carve into the surface to create the exact feeling she wants to evoke.

Irish contemporary art – Oil and Cold Wax – Dreamy Colouration – Ethereal and evocative – Framed Original

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