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16″(40cm) x 14″(36cm) – measurements include the frame

You can actually feel the dry summer heat from this painting.

Contemporary artist Delaney Davis brings us this fabulous depiction in oils of a car lot, near where she grew up in Nevada.

This particular scene, complete with van and pick up truck, and a nod to the city skyline in the far off distance, certainly spells out urban living.

This is a brilliant little original piece, oil on board and framed beautifully.

Delaney is such an interesting artist. Drawn to architecture and objects, and painting streetscapes, there is such a fascinatingly honest and authentic feel to Delaney’s work. She likes to choose locations and subjects that are generally overlooked by most of us going through our busy days. She sees beauty in the, perhaps, less obvious features, in the darkness, in the shadows sometimes, and even the industrial, from roadsides, to overhead wires to alleyways. Her work is wonderfully contemporary and fantastically collectable. Any of Delaney’s paintings would look superb in either a super, contemporary, modern space – as well as being equally charming in a cosy office or study or traditional living space.

Most definitely a ‘one to watch’ artist.

Irish contemporary artist – collectable work – oil painting – Delaney Davis – urban paintings – oil on board – dusty parking lot – Nevada –


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