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84cm Width x 94cm Height / 33″ Width x 37″ Height
Acrylic on Canvas – Framed

Perhaps one of the brightest and boldest pieces currently hanging on our Gallery walls, this impressive piece by Danny V Smith is also one of the most exciting.  Another shining example of that confident and wild style of painting that we have come to expect from Smith, this particular piece is so stand out vibrant and strong that I feel it would sit well in pretty much any space it was placed. Depicting an elderly man with his cigarette,  ‘Deep in Thought’, the contrast between the man and the vibrant colours around him is so much fun; the perfect marriage of old and contemporary. It does feel that maybe a study setting, a living room or a large public seating area, would be a great fit for this, large, modern, statement piece of work.  It’s actually really worth getting close to this piece, just to marvel at the blocks of varying bright colours that Smith has used to create this masterpiece.

Stunning Work – Collectable – Both corporate or private collectors – internationally selling artist

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