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Daffodils on the Window



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9″(23cm) x 11″(28cm) – measurements include the frame

Daffodils are one of the most uplifting of the wildflowers, as they truly herald the beginning of spring / summer.  This gorgeous depiction in oils, by contemporary artist Oonagh O’ Toole, highlights something every Irish house would be familiar with, the bunch of Daffodils on the window sill – basking under the sunlight. Or indeed as many homes would have had, the vase of Daffodils in front of the May Alter. The May Alter, was a home alter, or shrine, set up in homes in May, as a month long devotion to the Virgin Mary. One would then generally replace the flowers every few days throughout the month.

A really beautiful, small, piece of original Irish art – and wonderfully collectable.

Irish Contemporary artist – beautiful original work – Oonagh O’ Toole – Framed – oil on canvas

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