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73cm Width x 73cm Height / 28.7 inches Width x 28.7 inches Height

Although saving the turf involved long summer days spent in the bog, filled with chasing frogs, hot tea from a flask, ham sandwiches, taytos and every now and then actually helping to foot the sods of turf,  the true reward came many weeks later, in getting the turf home, having it all stacked neatly at the side of the house and covered from the elements (and knowing that the job was over for another year!)

This original oil painting by Sallyann Beirne is the perfect piece of contemporary art for someone with modern tastes but traditional roots. The striking pink foreground, the gorgeous darker tones that merge and meld so fantastically into one another and the traditional turf pile, covered in wooden pallets and old tyres, playing centre stage. Large at nearly 29″ square, this piece would look incredible in either a contemporary or a traditional home – with its nod to both so evident!

This is a highly collectable and very striking original artwork by an internationally selling artist.

Irish contemporary art – Original Art – Oil on Canvas – the bog – covering the turf – collectable art – buy Irish art online – contemporary art work – highly skilled

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