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25.7″ (65.5cm) x 30″ (76cm) – Framed Behind Glass

For everyone who has ever lived in or regularly frequented any of Ireland’s many, stunning, coastal locations, there will always be a ‘coast road’ that brings with it a certain sense of calm; a certain quiet and wonder and of course, in many cases, a sense of nostalgia. David Coyne captures this perfectly. With his exquisite oil with palette knife application, he depicts this exact type of setting in a very non specific and yet perfectly accurate way – it could easily be your ‘coast road’, your ‘special place’ – with its warm coloured summer hedgerows and cottages dotted in the distance.
Framed behind glass, this is a very special original artwork by a highly competent artist and with the most amazing punchy colours. Gorgeous.

Irish Contemporary art – Original Art – Framed Behind Glass – Oils with Palette knife application – collectable piece – David Coyne

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