Ceramic Female figure
by Clodagh Redden


Incl. Base: 18.5cm Width x 26cm Height x 18.5cm Depth / 7.3" Width x 10.3" Height x 7.3" Depth



At this stage, the gorgeous work of Clodagh Redden is known far and wide; from the wilds of West Cork to the offices of The White House. Somewhat of a departure from her signature currach statues, this ceramic female form is full of feeling and passion.  Her textured skin and shadowed features draw you in to this piece and you are certainly left wondering what might be preying on her mind.

Collectable – Striking – Ceramic – Beauty – thought provoking – stylised – Irish Contemporary Art

Measurements including base: 18.5cm Width x 26cm Height x 18.5cm Depth / 7.3″ Width x 10.3″ Height x 7.3″ Depth

Measurements without base: 15.5cm Width x 21cm Height x 10cm Depth / 6″ Width x 8.5″ Height x 4″ Depth