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18.5″(47cm) x 18.5″(47cm) – framed original work – measurements include the frame

Heidi Wickham is famous for her contemporary animal paintings. From hares, to pigs, cats and dogs, she has always managed to capture their little personalities and souls so wonderfully in acrylics – and her work has a huge following for this reason. This particular series (the Moomin series) were four cat studies in charcoal and acrylics that really explored the various poses a sleeping, happy cat can have – from the sleepy, one paw out pose, that we have here in Moomin #3 – to the stretching while asleep pose that we see in Moomin #4.

Owning studies such as these by such a popular Irish contemporary artist, is exciting, fun and collectable. Only two from this series remain.

Irish contemporary art – framed original work – cats – cat painting – Heidi Wickham – collectable work – extraordinary artist –

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