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Call of the Running Tide – Lahinch



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10.5″(27cm) x 10.5″(27cm) – measurements include the frame

One of the most amazing features of walking the beach at Lahinch, is when the tide is all the way out, as far as it can go, and you are left with the most amazing landscape, chequered with glistening pools of seawater, tiny rivers in the sand, and what feels like a pathway, leading you out to meet the sea and the sky.
Artist Mary Roberts has captured this magical walk across a series of four small oil paintings.

Call of the Running Tide  –  Pathway to the Sky  –  Where you Lead  –  The Sea at Last –

Mary Roberts is a wonderful and acclaimed contemporary Irish artist, who has exhibited nationally over the years, and has amassed a rather large and loyal following.


Irish contemporary artist – Lahinch Beach – beautiful oil paintings – series of four beach scenes – framed – oil on canvas – collectable work – interior design

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