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13″ (33cm) x 16.5″ (42cm) (framed)

We are super excited here at the gallery to have some gorgeous new original oil paintings from one of the art world’s truest gentlemen, the uber-talented, Vincent Killowry. As well as being the individual behind many of the original ‘heritage stamp’ designs that you see used by An Post, Vincent is an avid and hardworking art teacher – passing his knowledge and passion for his craft on to his many students and also an illustrator of children’s books. When he isn’t busy doing all that, his most loved way to be creative is simply to paint, for himself, the things and moments that catch his eye. On a recent holiday to Europe, he sketched this simple snatched moment – that of a waitress preparing to start her day in the local cafe. With the sun beating down on her back, the wine glasses prepped and ready, the smile resting on her lips; this is a happy and relaxed scene that emanates warmth and happiness; inspiring thoughts of warmer climes and indeed long, easy days – captured forever in oils by Vincents fine brush strokes. A beautiful collectors piece.

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