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DISCUSSION PRIOR TO DELIVERY – Due to the size and weight of this incredible piece, a discussion will have to be held with the buyer, with regard to the delivery or the collection of it.
Approx 16″ (40cm) in heighth and a width (wingspan) of 40″ (120cm) or just under three and a half foot wide.  

Bronze, life-size and especially powerful, this incredible raven sculpture is by artist Adam Pomeroy.  Adam had begun researching ravens due to an admiration he felt for this extraordinary creature. The raven, although in the same family as the crow, is vastly bigger, very intelligent and wonderfully fearless. There is a sense of power about them that is quite intoxicating.

Forming part of a limited edition, this life-size piece, however, is the first in the edition to have its wings open wide, thus highlighting the Raven’s impressive wingspan and bringing a further wow aspect to the sculpture, which would be one hell of a talking piece in ones collection. As an indoor piece in a foyer or entrance hall or indeed as an outside piece, this sculpture will MOST certainly stand out.

Adam sculpted and cast the piece over a period of many weeks, here in Kilbaha, also personally completing all the metal finishing and patination. The piece is entirely bronze, including the branch on which the bird is perched, which took quite a bit of finishing work to get just right.

To a domestic or a corporate buyer, this piece is very collectable and definitely striking from every angle.

Irish Contemporary Art – Collectable work – Bronze Sculpture – Limited Edition Pieces – Adam Pomeroy – Raven

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