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Approx measurments – 8.5″ wide and 9″ long
Note: Heavy Bronze Piece

Vezir strikes again.
The result of weeks and weeks of work, this extraordinary bronze sculpture of an equally extraordinary mollusc, is now ready for viewing. Meticulously sculpted by Adil Vezir here in Kilbaha and cast in our bronze foundry, this bronze octopus is stopping people in its tracks. Lovers of the octopus will be acutely aware of its remarkable abilities and here every element of its soft, unsegmented body has been lovingly, carefully and indeed accurately depicted in bronze.
One of the world’s most highly evolved and intelligent invertebrates, Adil is utterly fascinated by the creature and was determined to celebrate it accordingly. This piece will be one of a small edition – the final number which is yet to be determined – but each one to be unique from the next. Beautifully depicted and lovingly sculpted, cast, metal finished and patinated by Adil himself.


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