Bronze Currach (Man and Woman)
by Clodagh Redden


53cm (21") width x 29cm (11.5") tall



The symbol of the currach is a fabulous one; signifying strength, resilience, fortitude, and ruggedness. The people who lived by the sea also lived largely from the sea. They would fish in all weathers, using the currach to bring home the catch to their families.  Sturdy and light, the currach is now often used in sea racing or currach racing. Clodagh Redden, a Limerick-born sculptress who began by working primarily in ceramic, now casts much of her work in bronze; adding to their impressive nature. Her signature piece has become the currach, or sculptures surrounding that theme. Whether in ceramic or bronze, her sculptures, particularly the boats, are always individually crafted and unique. This beautiful bronze piece depicts a male and a female form carrying their currach to the shore.


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