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( Charcoal/Pastels/Acrylics )   85cm x 85cm / 33.5″ x 33.5″

We have all fallen for Heidi Wickham’s animal paintings.  Although delicate in style and soft in subject matter, these adorable paintings really make a striking impact in a room.  Drawn in charcoal, and painted with pastel and acrylic on canvas, they pull you in with an instant magnetism.  This particular painting, Broken Bunny has an instant effect on you, the moment you lay eyes on it. You are drawn immediately to this rabbits’ eyes and his perplexed little expression. This is a big painting – at approx 33 inches square – and makes rather an impression when you first see it.  A superb contemporary statement piece for a new home or public space.

Extremely collectable – beautifully impactful – instant love – charcoal, pastel and acrylics – investable art – contemporary Irish art – make an impact – public space

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