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Brent Geese (Watercolour Original)



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13.5″(34cm) x 11.5″(29cm) – measurements include the frame – watercolour original

If there was ever a painting that touches your soul in the way only an early art, 19th century Renaissance-style painting can, it is this serene beauty, ‘Brent Geese’ – by the West Clare artist who is signing their work only as ‘D’.
The soft touch of the landscape in the distance and the reflections of the birds on the still waters below as they fly past, bring an overwhelming sense of calm. In fact, everything about this beautiful little original watercolour painting makes you want to pause a while and just reflect.

Another true beauty by the artist signing their work as ‘D’

Irish Contemporary Art – Renaissance Style – Fine Art – Watercolour Original – Framed – Collectable artist

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