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Blue Skies Over Dark Bog



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40cm (16″) x 40cm (16″)
Original Oil on Canvas
Potentially one of a Pair (Tall Skies over Dark Bog)

This is an exquisite piece by Maahs.  The artist, with her strong, evident brush strokes and heavy use of oils, is clearly not aiming for a hyper realistic feel by any means, and yet, nonetheless, her masterful use of colour and composition means that the end result is one of technical excellence – because you feel as though you are glancing out a window at an extremely familiar sight; certainly one that is very familiar to us in West Clare. The distant sunlight hitting the various sections of fields in the distance; the light and dark of the boggy ground; the coolness of the day and the warmth of familiarity all rolled into one.

This artist is fabulously proficient and would be in the ‘one to watch’ category for us.

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