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71cm Width x 59cm Height / 28″ Width x 23″ Height

Another exciting colour palette by Danny V Smith, with this original acrylic painting of an old fishing boat at the water’s edge.  On a peninsula, the sight of fishing boats should be perhaps more familiar than they are of late, here on the mouth of the Shannon Estuary.  But with fishermen now becoming more and more scarce, perhaps reflected here with the absence of any people in or around the boat, the grittiness of this painting is ever more important – and true mariners (and art lovers of course) will appreciate that.
Once again, the brave and confident brush strokes and use of colour that we associate with Smiths work is both playful and alive – and yet somehow almost melancholic in this scene.

Super Bright – Colourful and Alive – gritty and real – uber contemporary – collector’s piece

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