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Berries in the Burren (Fine Art Print)



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20.5″(52cm) x 20.5 (52cm) Framed behind glass

Fine Art Print – (6/190)

Very excited to be able to bring you guys some limited edition, fine art, prints by the famous Anna St George. Renowned for her large, impactful original oil on canvas paintings, hanging in collections in galleries, homes and workplaces all over Ireland, and often appearing in interior magazines and even on TV shows in the background, Anna’s work is very much sought after. She has produced fine art prints of her work in signed, limited runs and on Archival Paper. They are professionally framed, behind glass and they are, quite simply, a superb way to own an Anna St George art work.

‘Berries in the Burren’ is a gorgeous depiction of a tiny stretch of the natural phenomenon and wonder that is, The Burren in North Clare. One of our greatest natural assets and places of extraordinary natural beauty, Anna has captured a small stretch of that familiar, limestone surface and the flora that adorn it.  A truly gorgeous artwork and a wonderful chance at hanging an Anna St George in your living room, office or public space. this particular print is not as large as others, coming in at approx. 20.5″ square.

Irish Contemporary Artist – Fine Art Limited Edition Print – Numbered and Signed – Professionally Framed – Archival Paper – Behind Glass – Anna St George.


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