Beech Trees and Bluebells (2022) Muckross

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Beech Trees and Bluebells (2022) Muckross



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36.5″(93cm) x 29″(73cm) – Landscape Orientation – Measurements include the frame.

The beautiful, thick layers of oil, that form a part of the incredible journey of a Mark Eldred original, are raised and prominent as each and every bluebell in his forest scene, gets the same attention and the same love from this awesome artist. ‘Beech Trees and Bluebells 2022’ is another striking Eldred original that quite literally takes your breath away. Majestically framed, this is a large and powerful piece that makes for a very striking addition to any space. At just under one metre wide, and an impressive two and half foot high, this painting, with its gorgeous and rich colour palette really stands out. Like every Mark Eldred piece we have ever been lucky enough to be around, you could almost walk right into it, its so beautifully realistic, with its fabulous detail and uplifting shafts of sunlight.

Absolutely amazing.

Mark Eldred is one of Ireland’s foremost contemporary painters. His work is extraordinary and his client list is from all around the world. A supremely collectable artist.


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