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Azaleas, Rhododendron and Bluebells



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29″(74cm) x 36″(91cm) – landscape orientation – measurements include the frame

Another truly extraordinary painting from artist Mark Eldred.

Bright and beautiful azaleas, rhododendrons and bluebells – lining a sun lit, forest path. With bursts of vivacious colour and marvellous use of light and shade, this is the kind of painting that really transports you. You can almost hear the gentle birdsong, feel the sun on your face and get the gorgeous heady scent from the flowers. Totally immersed in nature.

This is a large, majestic piece of art that looks incredible hanging in any space.

Mark Eldred uses heavy layering of oils, and his extraordinary knowledge of colour and light, form and composition, to create powerful, strong paintings that feel beautifully realistic, while still being obviously a piece of art. You can really see the layers of oils, and you really end up with nothing but respect for this mans talent.

Mark has a legion of fans and collectors across the country and internationally too.


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♬ Almost Idyllic – Sleeping At Last

Irish contemporary art – Professionally Framed – Azaleas, Rhododendron and Bluebells – Large Piece – Original Oil Painting – Collectable Work

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